When the 101 opened its doors in early 2003 it was Iceland’s first designer boutique hotel. Although several others have since entered the scene it remains the coolest and hippest of them all. The sleek design of Ingibjörg Pálmadóttir (yes, the wife of former Baugur Boss Jón Ásger Jóhannesson) remains timeless and smart.

The 101 restaurant has always been a mix of bistro and fine dining – and more often than not fine dining at bistro prices. Exquisite raw materials prepared in a simple manner – you must try the 101 Sirloin Burger (Iceland’s best) and the fish is usually good.Well chosen wine list and (usually) attentive and professional service.

It can be a lively place on Thursday- Saturday nights when the lounce fills wlth locals as well as visitors having a pre- or after dinner drink. Its not a night-spot though, bar closes  (relatively) early, weekend or not.