Although smack in the centre of town and adjacent to Laugavegur the Hverfisgata has never managed to establish itself as a prime location of restaurants. But there are exceptions that you should not miss.

Austur-Indíafjelagið or the East-India Company is truly a gem in the Icelandic restaurant flora, you could say a jewel in the crown. Founded in the early 90s by an Icelandic-Indian couple, Gunnar Gunnarsson and Chandrika Gunnarsson, it has been constantly evolving from a modest Indian restaurant offering curries and food from the tandoor to a world class ambassador of the richness and diversity of the subcontintent’s cooking.

The restaurant imports all its spices and coffee directly from the family plantation in southern India and the all Indian team of chefs takes the cooking a step further every year. Try the different creations using salmon and lamb or indulge in the sublime vegetarian dishes. 

It has a large and loyal crowd of regulars both local and international so its wise to call ahead and make a reservation.

The restaurant now has 3 sub-branches called Austurlanda-hraðlestinn (Orient Express) offering simpler and cheaper dishes as well as take out service. One is close to the restaurant at Hverfisgata, one in the strip-mall Spöngin in the suburb of Grafarvogur and the third in Hlíðarsmári close to the Smáralind mall in Kópavogur.






Hverfisgata 56

Tel: 552 1630