Dill is the creation of chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason and head Sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson.  Gunnar Karl Gíslason is the former head chef of the Vox and worked for years in Denmark at the restaurants Saison and Kommandanten.

This highly recommended restaurant has a unique location in the Alvar Aalto designed Nordic House and true to the house spirit the cuisine is all nordic inspired in the style of the “New Nordic Kitchen”.  You will not find any olive oil or chocolate among the ingredients used. Instead you are likely to encounter swedish truffles, icelandic reindeer, mushrooms or eggs of seabirds on your plate as well as herbs from the restaurant garden and surrounding marshland.

The cooking is creative and bold with emphasis on bringing to the brink the flavour of the raw material used.

The seven course menu changes weekly and guests can sample either 3, 5 or all 7 dishes with the option of a wine pairing menu in addition.

The dining room only seats 30 which ensures good service and personal attention but also that it is necessary to reserve in advance especially during the busy weekends.

Full restaurant service is only during evenings but lighter and simpler fare is served during lunch as well coffee and cakes during the afternoon as has been the tradition at the Nordic House for decades.